Ghulam Sumdany Don

Ghulam Sumdany Don | Actor

Disini Ada Yang Mati
Disini Ada Yang MatiSarah, Jasmine and Lydia always help each other whenever there’s problem. Each has a great career in their respective fields. One day Lydia tells the others that she’s pregnant and will have an extramarital child. It’s the result of her relationship with Christian, her ex boyfriend. Jasmine and Sarah knows Christian, the playboy. He promises to stop his habit of going out with many girls at the same time and Lydia buys it. But the truth is he breaks up with her only after several months of relationship. So Sarah, Jasmine and Lydia go on a trip to an interior area where Christian is. Lydia wants him to be responsible. When they arrive Christian is surprised to see them. Sarah and Jasmine try to talk him into marrying Lydia. Christian seems to understand. So the three of them stay for the night on Christian’s invitation in his villa surrounded by beautiful scenery. However strange and frightening incidents happen. They are terrorised by a woman ghost who seems to be angry with them. Christian doesn’t know who she is. Finally it is revealed. The ghost is Karin who used to be a Christian’s lover. Karin was murdered because she was pregnant. Christian is planning to murder the three of them too because they find out his dark secret. The three girls discover the place where he hides Karin’s body, in a special room in the villa. Sarah, Jasmine and Lydia work hand in hand to escape from Christian who’s becoming crazy. The situation gets out of control when Karin’s spirit possesses one of them. Sarah and Lydia are forced to slaughter each other. Jasmine and Christian are left trying to slaughter each other, both already injured, bleeding and dying.