Grey Griffin

Grey Griffin | Actor

Power Rangers Mega Force
Power Rangers Mega ForceFor centuries, the earth has been protected by a supernatural guardian being named Gosei and his robotic aide, Tensou. When the evil Warstar aliens begin their massive invasion, Gosei calls upon five teenagers with attitude to form the ultimate team...the Power Rangers Megaforce! When the teens morph into Power Rangers, they gain superhuman strength, agility, and mastery over martial arts. With the aid of special Power Cards, the teens are able to control the earth’s elements to use in their defense, from crushing rock slides to powerful floods. The Power Cards also give them access to amazing combat moves, hi-tech weapons, massive Zord vehicles and the ability to combine these Zords into gigantic Megazord robots to help them battle their enemies. But defending the earth from the invading Warstar aliens is just the beginning. Other monstrous factions emerge to challenge the Megaforce Rangers. Under the leadership of the malevolent alien Brak, toxic beasts rise from their slimy underground lair to attack the Earth and a ruthless robot army launches an offensive from their deep sea compound. In order to face these new threats, the Power Rangers Megaforce unlock even more powerful battle modes to fight their adversaries. But even the most powerful Rangers sometimes still need help. When their enemies are at their strongest, Gosei reawakens the RoboKnight, an ancient zord buried deep in the earth for centuries, whose sole mission is to protect the planet at all costs. When RoboKnight joins forces with the Power Rangers Megaforce, they untap tremendous mega-powers in their high stakes battle to defeat the evil Warstar aliens and restore peace to our planet once and for all.