Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson | Actor

CoffeeCoffee is a fairy tale expressing the beauty of first love and first confessions of love. Set in a quaint coffee shop called “Floating Hearts” this is the story of the young Siddharth who is in love with Juhi. It is an early morning with wintery fog around when Siddharth comes to the coffee shop run by the pretty Neha who is just about opening the café. The banter between Siddharth and Neha underlines the warm bond that they share. In the conversation, he tells her that Juhi is on her way and she urges him to go ahead and propose before its too late. A determined Siddharth assures that this time he will not miss the opportunity. As he waits for Juhi to come he preps himself for the big moment. Juhi arrives and with her arrival, all the preparation goes down the drain. Neha serves coffee to them and goads him to go ahead. The outspoken Juhi keeps going on and on with her talks unnerving Siddharth and questions on why had he called her to the café when they were to meet in the college. As he cutely struggles with his answers the quick-witted Juhi puts him in a spot and breaks into laughter giving him an answer to the question he wasn’t being able to ask...I love you too Siddhu...she says...As they head out of the coffee shop the tissue in which Siddharth had made a heart for Juhi flies out of her hand and as she rushes to retrieve it a speeding car hits her and Siddharth screams in anguish. It is here that we reveal that this accident had happened many days back and since then Siddharth comes to the café every morning to relive the most beautiful moment that he is unable to let go. Neha who was witness to their beautiful love story and the tragedy indulges Siddharth everyday as he goes through the routine of proposing to Juhi. Coffee celebrates love and its never dying spirit.