Noriko Ohara

Noriko Ohara | Actor

PurplePurple is the color of imagination, creativity and fantasy. Mohit Sehgal, a successful author is in the process of writing his new book which he has chosen to call “Ankahi”. His two lead characters Shekhar and Nandini find their relationship and marriage in a state of stillness. Nandini's ex-boyfriend Arjun comes back into Nandini’s life and Nandini faces a dilemma as she oscillates between having an affair with him or not. Along with her, Mohit is also unable to decide what route should the novel take from this point. Frustrated and irritated with himself he asks his wife Charu to help him decide. Charu says Nandini should not have an affair. Mohit is still unsure. That night Charu’s friends Rohan and Anjali who are down from the US visit them for dinner and as the night unfolds Mohit comes to know from Anjali who is currently married to Rohan, that Rohan was once upon a time dating Charu. Mohit is shocked. The dinner continues till late night and Anjali crashes in the guest bedroom while Mohit goes back to his writing leaving the two friends Charu and Rohan to chat with each other. While talking Rohan touches upon the issue of her marriage with Mohit and she reluctantly expresses her loneliness. Rohan realizes that they still have feelings for each other and passion runs high as he takes her in his arms and kisses her. Mohit wakes up from his sleep and is stunned on not finding Charu in the bed and as he is about to rush out she comes out from the washroom. But when Charu tells him that she wants to change her opinion about his story and says that Arjun and Nandini should have an affair he is stumped. This is what he had written a while back before he dozed off. The next day Rohan and Anjali leave but the question looms large in Mohit’s heart...did Charu and Rohan have an affair or no. As he gets back to writing his book he changes the title of the novel from “Ankahi” to “Purple”.