Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom | Actor

Cara, I Love You
Cara, I Love YouSet in Rome, in the very central district of Trastevere, "Cara, ti Amo ..." is a film that tells, with irony and lightness, the perennial man-woman conflict, finally observed from the male point of view. Rosario, Stefano, Paolo and Raffaele are four friends in their forties dealing with an existential dilemma: you can't live without women, but you can't even live together. Yet their destiny, like that of all heterosexual men in adulthood, is to relate to the female universe. A really complicated undertaking which, however, they cannot give up. Because in the end "between abstinence and eternal love there is a vast chromatic range of nuances". It is with this awareness that they will find themselves involved in situations that are often absurd, comic or simply surreal, in which possible girlfriends, friends or lovers of a night will play a decidedly important role. Entering the world of the four protagonists and looking at women through their eyes, could surprise and perhaps debunk the most consolidated cliches propagated today by each pink gravure. It could happen, in fact, that men turn out to be less superficial and dull than women think and women less brilliant, independent and profound than they want to be believed. Or more likely that the assumption can be shown that no paradise can last long if a man and a woman live together. Because women have "incomprehensible reasons" which men do not understand. With absolute freedom of language and creative expression, "Cara, ti Amo ..." stages, in a biting and amusing way, vices and virtues of eternal Peter Pan and unmentionable neuroses of the "contemporary women". Cara, ti Amo is a film about "males", but is also aimed at women, who can be reflected in the vast and varied female universe widely narrated during the movie and from which they will be reassured: they will continue to please to men "despite everything".