Pavel Islam

Pavel Islam | Actor

Merry Riana
Merry RianaMerry Riana who just graduated from high school is forced to flee to Singapore because of social riots. The trip to the airport is not safe. They are confronted by swarms of looters and forced off their belongings for safety. At the airport, Merry’s parent sell what is attached to their body, but only able to buy one ticket for Merry. Merry arrives in Singapore alone. With the sum of money to buy food that will run out five times, she has to find somewhere to stay and survive. From social media she finds her friend Irene (Kimberly Ryder) who is also going to college. With the help of Irene, Merry find a gap in the rules which are so strict and Singapore. She is not only allowed to stay in the dorm, she passes the selection examination and is received at one of the best universities. But, it can only be obtained if Merry pay $ 40,000.The only hope is to take out a student loan, which can only be obtained if Merry has a guarantor. Because there are no relatives, and Irene can not be a guarantor, Merry must find a senior student who wants to be a guarantor. Merry meets Alva. Apparently Alva is cool and very calculating. He gave all sorts of conditions before finally willing to help Merry, including forcing her to find a part-time job. Merry aware that she had to study well, and must succeed immediately. So she thinks hard to double the money she has, ranging from distributing the brochure of online business, to play the high-risk stocks. Her economy conditions is up and down. Love confusions ensue when Alva expresses her feelings, while Merry aware that Irene is falling in love with Alva.
Kamar 207
Kamar 207Echa, Cacha, Revan, and Rangga, who love all things gothic and mystical, help to exorcise a possessed little boy. Their success is then published in their blog named Jampi-jampi. Elsewhere, Mr Rebo, manager of Mary's Inn, determined to resign. Shasi, the owner of the hotel inherited from her father, is forced to take care of the hotel alone. The problem is, since her father died, the hotel’s ghost named Mary often shows herself and scares the hotel’s guests, so the hotel can not be sold. Shasi, who has a sixth sense, decides to remain in the hotel, even though she knows she must confront her fear of the ghost. However, she also could find a way to cope with a broken heart after her fiancé left. The first thing she does is to call the exorcist. She find the blog Jampi-jampi, and summons Chaca, Revan, and Rangga. Mary's Inn has a haunted room: number 207. In that room a woman's crying voice often heard and the objects in it can move on its own. The ghost in that hotel is suicide bride named Mary. Mary was a Dutch descent who against the will of her parents, loved a native. At her wedding day, the bride did not come. Mary was suicide in her wedding dress. Since then, Mary prefers to scare men at the hotel. She also takes possession of that person and makes them hurt themself. Especially, those who are still single. The room that is large enough raises terror piecemeal. When Chacha et al intend to go, they always come back to the room. They also can not see each other, and there are times when the see their friends are appeared double. At its peak, Shasi is possessed by Mary and going suicidal as Mary did in the past. Finally, the ghost of Mary is successfully removed from the Shashi’s body by Chaca, Revan, and Rangga..