Ross Britz

Ross Britz | Actor

Siquijor : Mystic Island
Siquijor : Mystic Island"HILAKBOT," Xavier Adriano's brainchild-horror show is doing well in its afternoon slot. The show tackles tongue-in-cheek re-enactments of horror stories interspersed with interviews with the people who have knowledge or have had experienced the hauntings. Now, GBS Network wants to bring it to primetime- provided that they present an entirely new concept. Carlo takes the challenge and decides to shoot in Siquijor- an Island in the south well-known of its mysticism. But that's just the beginning of things to come. The network assigns Doreen Jimenez as the executive producer of the new show. She has reputation of developing great shows for the network. But Doreen is Carlo's former flame. They still have unresolved issues to deal with. And now, she's breathing behind her neck and has a hand in the creative decisions. She even replaced Carlo's resident cameraman and writer much to Carlo's disgust. Alex Alonzo, Carlo's current girlfriend and the show's host tries to calm him down and encourage him to ignore Doreen. Together with Alex Yniquez, the show's new cameraman, Jake Bernal, the writer and Miguel Sarmiento, the production assistant, they travel to Siquijor. During their stay in Siquijor nothing odd happens in the island. So Carlo resorted back to his old ways- he stages a possession in order to get what he wanted because they're running out of time. But like a catalyst- as soon as they've finished shooting the pseudo-possession and went back to Manila- strange things start to happen to each members of the team. It's as if they've been cursed. Carlo tries to investigate what is really happening. He probes into the events and digs deeper into their footages with the help of his editor Neil. As he does, a whirlwind of chilling mystery ensues steadily building up into a hell-raising finale. In the end, the crew learns that truth is indeed stranger than fiction. But is it too late to redeem themselves?