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Asian King
Asian KingAn international police squad (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Korea and Philippines) investigates on a crime ring called "Asian King". This movie is also wrongly called "เปิดฟ้าผ่าโลกัณต์" by Lepso Studio. David is accused of international diamond robbery but released as proofs are not enough. He left for Hong Kong. Thai police follows him there to spy his activities. Finally he is found not guilty and joins the team to fight the Asian King gang, which is stealing diamonds. A whole international team is created to fight them. Win (Sorapong Chatree) is one of the Police team leader. Lady Napossa (Naowarat Yooktanun) joins the team as her jeweller father was killed by Asian King gang. Diamonds are stolen again during a top model show despite the police presence. Rumours are heard that Asian King team needs to gather in Pattaya. Asian King team tries all ways to get rid of the special police force but to no avail. Asian King team cache is hidden under a hotel swimming pool. The army comes to help the policemen to neutralize the Asian King tean. Through a final battle, many characters are injured or killed while assaulting the Asian King fortress. Win's self sacrifice inside the fortress succeeds to destroy it. A Thai TV serie or Lakorn (ละคร) based on this story was done in 2003. This movie is part of Thai heritage (มรดก) cinema serie. Despite a classic scenario, the highest value of this movie is to include the finest bunch of Thai actors from beginning of 1980s decade. A remake for TV was done in 2003.
The Inhuman
The InhumanChot (Sorapong Chatree) and his sister Choi (Aranya Namwong) are children of poor farmers. Chot loves Soi, who is the subdistrict headman's daughter. They love each other but Chot cannot have any hope as he is too poor. Chot helps his sister Choi as she was going to be raped by three ruffians that are protected by the local subdistrict headman. Saeng, son of the subdistrict headman, requests a young lady called Bua as a payment for her mother's debt. Bua takes refuge in Chot's father home. Meanwhile Chot is arrested as he hit earlier the three ruffians. It is unfair and the family has no money to pay the bail. The father needs to ask a local Chinese moneylender for 10 000 baht to pay the bail. There are always issues between Saeng and Chot. Saeng would like to kill Chot. One night, Saeng's ruffians rob the 10 000 baht reimbursement and kidnap Bua. The subdistrict headman and village headman are not helpful to poor people. The village headman prevents Chot and other men to look after the ruffians as Chot shot one of the robbers. Bua is then found dead. Choi is very upset as Bua's death is due to the village headman inactivity and his refusal to take responsability as he prefers to help rich people only. As the headman hits her sister, Chot, in full anger, shots him and then needs to flee. Chai is the local Chinese moneylender's son. He is no respect for others. Chai tries to shoot birds in a Buddhist temple despite the abbot's request to stop. Chot, who took refuge in this temple, prevents him to do so as a temple shall remain a peaceful haven. If we accept human sins, what kind of future will Buddhism have?. Pliu, future lawyer, promises to marry Choi. Chot succeeds to get back the 10 000 bath from Saeng. The father refuses the money believing his son is now a brigand.