Yap Ee Jean

Yap Ee Jean | Actor

Ada Apa Dengan Pocong
Ada Apa Dengan PocongOne night Wawan is extremely terrorized by a pocong in his rented room. His friends, Hary, Boy and Tedi experience the same thing. Tedi and Hary are even hit by a car as they run away in fear from the pocong, and must stay in a hospital. The next day Wawan and Hary come to powerful clairvoyant to ask for protection. But the keris from that clairvoyant doesn’t stop the pocong from chasing them. The accident that has happened to Tedi and Hary makes Wawan and Boy frightened all the more. They seem to be unable to avoid the pocong’s reprisal. The next night, it’s Wawan’s turn, having a car accident because the pocong terrorizes him. Boy becomes panic and finally comes clean to his roommates, Ririn and Mirna. Hary and friends have accidentally killed a girl called Lastri. One day Wawan create a scenario to match Hary and Lastri, a friend in college. Wawan, along with Boy, asks Lastri to come home by Wawan’s car. On the way Wawan’s car breaks down, which is actually a trick. Wawan offers her to come home with Hary, convincing her that she will be alright because Hary is a good friend of his. His real intention is to hitch Lastri with Hary. But Lastri smells something fishy and becomes offended for being tricked. She’s angry and then leaves the guys. Wawan tries to catch her up but Lastri walks faster. Suddenly Lastri trips over a stone and falls over, losing her consciousness at once. Apparently she dies. Wawan and his friends become panic, blaming each other. That night they take Lastri’s body to a storehouse. Worried that the body will decay and smell, the next day they decide to bury her appropriately in a shroud in a vacant lot. Lastri’s spirit seems to be restless, and pocong then chases them.