Danny Do

Danny Do | Director

Breaking The Silence
Breaking The SilenceBreaking the Silence follows the journey of Manny Waks who was, until recently, the only survivor of child sexual abuse within Melbourne’s Orthodox Jewish community to speak publicly. This is the dramatic follow up to the Walkley Award winning Code of Silence. Breaking the Silence begins with Manny Waks as he gives evidence at the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse, during which two ultra-Orthodox Jewish institutions are accused of covering-up and protecting perpetrators in the 1980s and 90s. Over two explosive weeks inside Melbourne’s County Court, viewers will witness, for the first time, those rabbis and officials accused of the cover-ups take the stand and be grilled. For the first time, it is also revealed that Manny was not the only member of the family who was abused; Manny’s father Zephaniah Waks reveals two other sons were abused by a Yeshivah Centre teacher, David Kramer in the 1990’s. He had tried to have the abuse handled by community leaders but was subject to an ancient code of silence that forbids Jews from speaking about the allegations involving other Jews, to the police. The result was that Zephaniah and his wife were virtually excommunicated and feeling isolated, they decided to relocate to Israel. Now his other son Yanky agrees to speak on camera for the first time. After the hearings, Manny travels to the United States to confront one of the two men who he claims abused him. The film’s climax follows Manny to Los Angeles, where he meets a convicted pedophile who was given a suspended sentence for abusing AVB in Sydney in the 1980s. It’s a powerful moment between victim and abuser that delivers an unexpected conclusion. Will Manny’s confrontation with the man he claims abused him give him peace of mind? And will his meeting with the convicted pedophile give him a crucial sense of resolution?
Ada Apa Dengan Pocong
Ada Apa Dengan PocongOne night Wawan is extremely terrorized by a pocong in his rented room. His friends, Hary, Boy and Tedi experience the same thing. Tedi and Hary are even hit by a car as they run away in fear from the pocong, and must stay in a hospital. The next day Wawan and Hary come to powerful clairvoyant to ask for protection. But the keris from that clairvoyant doesn’t stop the pocong from chasing them. The accident that has happened to Tedi and Hary makes Wawan and Boy frightened all the more. They seem to be unable to avoid the pocong’s reprisal. The next night, it’s Wawan’s turn, having a car accident because the pocong terrorizes him. Boy becomes panic and finally comes clean to his roommates, Ririn and Mirna. Hary and friends have accidentally killed a girl called Lastri. One day Wawan create a scenario to match Hary and Lastri, a friend in college. Wawan, along with Boy, asks Lastri to come home by Wawan’s car. On the way Wawan’s car breaks down, which is actually a trick. Wawan offers her to come home with Hary, convincing her that she will be alright because Hary is a good friend of his. His real intention is to hitch Lastri with Hary. But Lastri smells something fishy and becomes offended for being tricked. She’s angry and then leaves the guys. Wawan tries to catch her up but Lastri walks faster. Suddenly Lastri trips over a stone and falls over, losing her consciousness at once. Apparently she dies. Wawan and his friends become panic, blaming each other. That night they take Lastri’s body to a storehouse. Worried that the body will decay and smell, the next day they decide to bury her appropriately in a shroud in a vacant lot. Lastri’s spirit seems to be restless, and pocong then chases them.
Kamar 207
Kamar 207Echa, Cacha, Revan, and Rangga, who love all things gothic and mystical, help to exorcise a possessed little boy. Their success is then published in their blog named Jampi-jampi. Elsewhere, Mr Rebo, manager of Mary's Inn, determined to resign. Shasi, the owner of the hotel inherited from her father, is forced to take care of the hotel alone. The problem is, since her father died, the hotel’s ghost named Mary often shows herself and scares the hotel’s guests, so the hotel can not be sold. Shasi, who has a sixth sense, decides to remain in the hotel, even though she knows she must confront her fear of the ghost. However, she also could find a way to cope with a broken heart after her fiancé left. The first thing she does is to call the exorcist. She find the blog Jampi-jampi, and summons Chaca, Revan, and Rangga. Mary's Inn has a haunted room: number 207. In that room a woman's crying voice often heard and the objects in it can move on its own. The ghost in that hotel is suicide bride named Mary. Mary was a Dutch descent who against the will of her parents, loved a native. At her wedding day, the bride did not come. Mary was suicide in her wedding dress. Since then, Mary prefers to scare men at the hotel. She also takes possession of that person and makes them hurt themself. Especially, those who are still single. The room that is large enough raises terror piecemeal. When Chacha et al intend to go, they always come back to the room. They also can not see each other, and there are times when the see their friends are appeared double. At its peak, Shasi is possessed by Mary and going suicidal as Mary did in the past. Finally, the ghost of Mary is successfully removed from the Shashi’s body by Chaca, Revan, and Rangga..