Hashim Rejab

Hashim Rejab | Director

Nasi Tangas
Nasi TangasHairi and Fatin was a close friend. They both jointly develop a café that opened together. Their relationship is like a pair of lovers, but Hairi and Fatin has never been more than a friend relationshio. Mira is also a good friend to Fatin. Mira admits that she fell in love with Hairi. On the basis of friendship, Fatin tried to strengthen the relationship between Mira and Hairi until they were both married. Mira, introduced Fatin to Faiz as a gift for Mira as consolidate Hairi together. Hairi and Mira’s happy moments when they called as a husband and wife, have been tampered with Mira’s jealousy when she saw the friendly relations between Hairi and Fatin, even Mira know that Fatin and Hairi are close friend. At the insistence of her mother, Mira taught how to make Nasi Kangkang for Hairi looked down at Mira. Mira even willing to sleep by a shaman, that spells in Kangkang to her act more smoothly. Mira’s damned behavior finally makes Hairi be a stupid man, until Hairi willing to break the friendship with Fatin. In the same time, Fatin constanly attacked by perennial ghost. After referring to a teacher(ustaz DAUZ), Fatin began to know that this is made by Mira’s mothers. At the same time, Faiz trying to save Fatin from any interference. But all of this is not sustainabke when Hairi taken to see Ustaz Dauz, how deep Hairi’s heart when knowing that he ‘use-abuse’ by his wife. Hairi ran to Mira, to find an explanation of his wife, but after incident, Mira changed. What will happen to Mira? Can Hairi forgiving Mira?