Hyeon Na

Hyeon Na | Director

TakutYudha who has lung problems, moves to Vila Andaru on the slopes of Mount Wilis. Elisa and Dewa accidentally go to Mount Wilis to seek the long lost Erlita, Elisa’s sister. Elisa and Dewa stay at the hotel Cempaka, adjacent to the Villa Andaru. The three meet there. Yudha knows that Elisa and Dewa has the ability to see spirits. Because many oddities and horrors that happen in Vila Andaru, Yudha want to know what really happens. Elisa who has been used to see spirits, apparently is still scared when she sees the ghost hanging herself in the room balcony. The hanged soul called Rasti is constantly asking for help from Elisa. Not only that, Erlita’s bodies also often come to sing Javanese song with a terrible face. Rasti can not do anything, as long as Dewa is still with her. The spirits are afraid of Dewa. On the other hand, Nia, receptionist at Hotel Cempaka, is always curious with Elisa affairs. Nia always pays attention to the strange behaviors of Elisha. Because of her curiousity, Rasti haunts Nia. After various horror and strangeness that they experience, Erlita takes possession of Elisa. Erlita brings Elisa to the library at Villa Andaru. Yudha and Dewa follow Elisa. It turns out Elisa, Yudha, and Dewa find the bodies of Erlita who is buried in the library. Erlita died because her lover killed her out of revenge. The mystery of the lost Erlita is solved. When Elisa is about to leave the hotel, Yudha proposes again the question that has not been answered: what happens to him. Elisa gives a shocking statement: during the trip to Villa Andaru Yudha’s car went into the abyss. Yudha and the driver died instantly. And one more thing that makes Nia suspicious so far, is Elisa who always speak for herself. Elisha never came together with Dewa. Dewa is long dead and Elisa is not aware of it. Elisa still thinks that Dewa still alive, without realizing that Dewa is spirit, just like other spirits she could see.
After School Horror
After School Horror"Rino, 3rd grade high school student, tells scary stories about the locked old toilet door in the school to his juniors who are in the probation for candidates of OSIS (school organization) leaders. Rino fiction is proved right: the locked toilet door exists. However, his friend, Andi still considers that the ghost in the toilet is just a myth. He makes ​​a challenge for the candidates to open the door. Andi cs put cameras in the hallway to record those who fear. The candidates were given the challenge of finding OSIS flag in spooky places in the school and: in the locked toilet door. Many retreat. Sinta is forced to be the one to do the challenge. Vina and Andi release Sinta at the end of the hallway. Sinta then walk backwards. Along the way, she has a lot of disturbances created by Rino. Sinta succeeds to pry the locked door. The result: all get disturbed. Next morning, Mr Norman, a teacher, is angry because the door was dismantled . He calls the fatal consequences if the door is opened. Andi does not take it seriously. Meanwhile Sinta is changing: no longer a shy girl, but being flirty girl. On Sunday, they gather to see Rino recordings. There appears small child ghost clinging to Andi’s feet. They immediately race to the school to meet Mr Norman, who the tells the story of a student named Asih who fell in love with him. He could not receive the love since he was married. Asih killed herself. Mr Norman says that this story will be repeated when there is a tragic love triangle. To restore the situation, they should bring some padlocks, boards, and latch. He will perform the ritual."
Dendam Dari Kuburan
Dendam Dari KuburanWilly, a student who works part-time as a scriptwriter, is going to finish a script order in a house that he rents per year with his two friends, Stephen and Pasha. They feel lucky because of the good price. Pak Kardun, the housekeeper convinces them that the house is safe. Willy, Pasha and Stephen don’t have any idea that the house is haunted by a female ghost, Puspita, and a younger one, Jojo. Scary, strange things happen. The three are terrorised. Stephen and Pasha are scared, they want to move out, but Willy resists and asks them to stay strong. Meanwhile, Agnes, Willy’s girlfriend, is cheating on him with a new student named Wisnu. Kilan, Agnes’s bestfriend, is secretly in love with Wisnu too. One day Kilan, who is able to see through the past, gets a vision of Wisnu’s evil deed. He killed a woman named Puspita. Kilan quickly tells Agnes about it but Agnes refuses to believe her since Wisnu seems very nice. In Willy’s rented house, Puspita incarnates a woman who sells perfume. With her eroticism she seduces Stephen, Pasha and Willy so that they’re willing to have sex with her. Comical, erotic yet mystical things happen. Kilan finally tells Willy, Pasha and Stephen that the kuntilanak at their house is the victim of Wisnu’s murder. Kilan is sure of this after identifying Puspita’s face when the latter visits the house. Agnes is sorry for being close to Wisnu. Then they all agree to force Wisnu to show them where Puspita’s body is buried.
Disini Ada Yang Mati
Disini Ada Yang MatiSarah, Jasmine and Lydia always help each other whenever there’s problem. Each has a great career in their respective fields. One day Lydia tells the others that she’s pregnant and will have an extramarital child. It’s the result of her relationship with Christian, her ex boyfriend. Jasmine and Sarah knows Christian, the playboy. He promises to stop his habit of going out with many girls at the same time and Lydia buys it. But the truth is he breaks up with her only after several months of relationship. So Sarah, Jasmine and Lydia go on a trip to an interior area where Christian is. Lydia wants him to be responsible. When they arrive Christian is surprised to see them. Sarah and Jasmine try to talk him into marrying Lydia. Christian seems to understand. So the three of them stay for the night on Christian’s invitation in his villa surrounded by beautiful scenery. However strange and frightening incidents happen. They are terrorised by a woman ghost who seems to be angry with them. Christian doesn’t know who she is. Finally it is revealed. The ghost is Karin who used to be a Christian’s lover. Karin was murdered because she was pregnant. Christian is planning to murder the three of them too because they find out his dark secret. The three girls discover the place where he hides Karin’s body, in a special room in the villa. Sarah, Jasmine and Lydia work hand in hand to escape from Christian who’s becoming crazy. The situation gets out of control when Karin’s spirit possesses one of them. Sarah and Lydia are forced to slaughter each other. Jasmine and Christian are left trying to slaughter each other, both already injured, bleeding and dying.