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      Full-Time Magister SS3

      Mages gather together to face the monsters

      Throne of Seal

      Storm Rises, Throne Falls

      Swallowed Star

      Human evolution is the only answer.

      The Founder of Diabolism Q

      Warm and Healing Daily Life

      The Mirror: Twin Cities - Overture

      Classic and Bizzare, Witness the Adventures in Yunhuang

      Thousand Autumns

      A grandmaster practices martial arts techniques in human world.

      Scumbag System

      An ordinary youth crossing as a villain into the book and abusing the hero!

      Soul Land

      Don't regret entering the Tang Gate in this life

      The Founder of Diabolism


      The Founder of Diabolism: Final Season

      The youth from clan of cultivators killed the devils for the others

      The Founder of Diabolism Q

      Warm and Healing Daily Life

      Fights Break Sphere


      Fights Break Sphere S3

      Magic fire have surrendered! Xiao Yan mastered the fighting skill——Buddha anger Lotus!

      Fights Break Sphere S2

      Xiao Yan come back! Everything is shifting once again !

      Fights Break Sphere S1

      A genius child who suddenly loses all his powers