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      The Fatal Letter

      2023|Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|Suspense · Family · Fantasy
      Lu Yanqi
      Chu Pengxu
      Jin Jiayu
      Wang Xingchen
      Ran Shu grew up in an orphanage. Her beloved younger sister Ruyue, in order to be adopted by a rich lady, disabled Ran Shu. Meanwhile, Ruyue became a big celebrity. Later, Ran Shu married her husband Zhang Zeyi, a glamorous photographer. They seemed to be a loving couple, but in fact, Zhang Zeyi had a tendency for domestic violence. Ran Shu tried to escape his clutches but found herself deeper in trouble. It wasn't until her sister, Ruyue, seduced her husband that Ran Shu finally gained liberation. However, everything was actually unfolding according to Ran Shu's plan...

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