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      The Shoufu Can Read Mind

      All 20 EPs

      Qiu Dingjie
      Guan Jinlin
      Dong Xiaoxu
      Zhang Yiwo
      The gourmet blogger Shen Zhihuan once traveled to the body of Shen Zhihuan, the wife of Xu Yanqing, the chief assistant of the Dasui Dynasty, who had been married for half a year. However, a trick of fate, according to historical records, Lord Shoufu was not only cruel, but also hanged to death by the rebels at the age of 30. Shen Zhihuan wanted to escape from the clutches, but unexpectedly he was getting deeper. Mr. Chief Assistant, who once thought he was heinous, also gradually saw his heart clearly in getting along, and the two sparked. However, the court struggle behind them made the two go through dangers...

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