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      Mr. Fox and Miss Rose

      Actor: Zhang Yaqin Ren Youlun ChenXijun
      "Mr. Fox and Miss Rose" is a youth fantasy romance comedy which is mainly about the urban love story of Wonder Woman and a jewelry explorer. Gao Zhenhe, a straight man, was make his living by exploring high-end gemstones. He accidentally dropped off the cliff and found a place under the cliff where a primitive tribe was located. After the female tribe leader Xingyue rescued Gao Zhenhe, she wanted Gao Zhenhe to be her man. In order to obtain the rare gems of the tribe, Gao Zhenhe pretended to marry Xingyue. After obtaining the gems, he fled back to the city and Xingyue went to the big city alone to find him and gems, which led to a series of stories.

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