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      Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me SS1

      2018|Mainland,China|All 23 EPs|Romance · youth · Idol
      Shang Tao
      Li Hongyi
      Xing Fei
      Zhang Jiongmin
      Jason Fu
      An Chu Xia has been living a life of dependence with her mother. Her mother's death plunged her into despair and helplessness. The kind-hearted and rich Tai Jiang Yuanyuan took her in. Everyone admires her for a luxurious life, but only she knows the warmth and coldness of her life. As the fiancee of Han Qi Lu, the young master of the Han family, she entered the aristocratic school. In fact, she and Han Qi Lu did not like each other. Every time they meet, they will quarrel. The situation in aristocratic schools is very depressed. The students in the class living a life of plenty of clothes and food. An Chu Xia decided to start with herself and change the current situation. Meanwhile, Ling Han Yu and Jiang Chen Chuan both like her, and the relationship between her and Han Qi Lu has slowly changed.

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