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      [Adults Only]The magical figure called Makmum (foloower) by the residents of a dormitory is increasingly disturbing, since Rini (Titi Kamal) settles back in the dormitory to fulfill the request of Mrs Kinanti (Jajang C Noer) whose health continues to decline. Rosa (Reny Yuliana), the new leader of the dormitory, does not respond to the fears of three students: Nurul (Tissa Bianni), Nisa (Bianca Hello), Putri (Adila Fitri) who are allowed leaving the dormitory during the holidays, because of their poor grades. The intensity of Putri possessions that continues to increase, making the atmosphere not conducive. Rini knows that something is wrong in the dormitory. She tries to help the students and to uncover the mystery. She does not realize that her life is threatened.

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