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      Li Le Feng Yiyi
      The young cleaner Ming Xiaoxiao and the bossy CEO Huo Yunting meet at a country club by accident. Later, an unexpected kiss makes them a quarrelsome and loving couple.Ming Xiaoxiao is a simple lovely girl who has a slight mental retardation. Huo Yunting is aloof and scheming, but he's wounded by a traitor in his family. They are total strangers. Yet as Huo Yunting is wounded, he needs a personal nurse. Then he's forced to "live together" with Ming Xiaoxiao.During only a few days they spend together, they misunderstand each other many times and embrace many challenges. However, there are also sweet moments and funny stories. Instead of disliking each other at first, they get to understand each other and become a sweet couple helping each other. Together, they will live a beautiful new life!

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