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      The Tale of Rose

      2024|Mainland,China|All 38 EPs|Romance · urban
      Crystal Liu
      David Tong
      Kenny Lin
      Wan Qian
      Lin Yi
      Peng Guanying
      Wallace Huo
      Zhu Zhu
      Wu Bi
      Wang Yanyang
      Huang Yi
      Xia Lixin
      Yu Hui
      Yan Qingyu
      Lan Yingying
      Sebrina Chen
      Hou Changrong
      Zhang Yue

      Born into a scholarly family, Huang Yimei grows up surrounded by care and affection, displaying artistic talent from a young age. Huang Yimei's beauty and charm does not necessarily make it easy for him to find true love. Starting from meeting his first love, meeting the partner who became his husband, to the figure of his soul mate. Despite this, Huang Yimei remains strong, continuing to strive for a happy life..

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