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      Dare To Love

      All 16 EPs

      Ranee Campen Kongthap Yuttapichai Savika Chaiyadej Thanakorn Posayanon Tarika Insuwan
      "Tisha is an enthusiastic lawyer who works 24/7 just to prove her worth to be the first female partner of her law firm while her fellow colleague, Camelia, aims for the same position. Romance is never a thing for Tisha even though the perfect MD like Benjamin has been hitting on her. It has always been that way until Q, Tisha’s first love, comes to work as an intern lawyer at the same company. Tisha tries to hide her past and feeling for Q. She is extremely certain that if this old flame reignites, it will surely obstruct her rising career path as a company’s partner “to-be”. However, love between the two of them slowly blooms amidst their differences in age, position and social status, not to mention the opinions from people around them. Will Tisha choose her love or her life-long goal?"

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