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      Tale of the Night

      2023|Mainland,China|Story · Theater
      Yin Fang
      Zhang Jingyi
      Sophie Su
      Wu Haochen
      Bai Yufan
      Zhou Siyu
      Wu Jun
      Luo Gang
      Lay Zhang

      The story took place on a magical night in Changsha. In a bookstore, Jing Weiwei met with He Xixi, who would leave the hometown tomorrow morning. The two people made an appointment to travel at night. He Xixi chatted about her step-brother, a stand-up comedian named He An. On tonight's show, He An's father appeared in the audience, and the two parted on bad terms. On the other side, Chen Qingzhi, Liang Baoqi and Xie were guarding the Ferris wheel. While enjoying the night view, they sighed that it was not easy to work. The night was deeper, and it was also the last time the Internet celebrity stall owner Li cooked, she decided to let her apprentice Xu take over to continue operating the stall. The night was about to pass, and a group of people were sitting together in the food stalls to eat. Encounter, love, stay, leave, reconciliation, reunion... All happened in this city, and everyone found a reason to love here.

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