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      Enormous Legendary Fish

      Actor: Zhang Yuxi Han Dong Jia Zhengyu Xiao Xiangfei
      Ali, a fisher girl in Qiyu County, selected as the sacrifice bride of the Sea God, came to the island with the boat. On the night of the bridal chamber, Ali discovered that her husband, Sea God Yan, was a half-orc. Later, Ali strayed into the secret room and discovered the secret of the bride in the ice coffin. The lonely and helpless Ali is accompanied by a big fish that can transform into a human shape at the beach all day long, and the two fall in love with each other gradually. After Ali was pregnant, she was imprisoned by Yan, but the big fish disappeared. The maid Hai Furong opened the cell and rescued Ali. But it turns out that what’s waiting for her is a long-established conspiracy...

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