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      Imperfect The Series

      All 12 EPs

      Kiky Saputri Aci Resti Neneng Wulandari Zsa Zsa Utari Ari Irham Arie Kriting Bella Graceva Bintang Emon Dewi Irawan Ernest Prakasa Reza Rahadian
      Taking place a year before the "Imperfect" movie, and right before Dika met Rara and was working on a photography project outside Jakarta, the series focuses on the four young girls who live together facing their unique and twisted problems. From Neti's love story to Maria's way to adapt in the big city, Endah's dilemma in receiving the marriage proposal from a village official, and Prita's constant argument with her wannabe social media celebrity sister. More twists and turns for these four girls faced with comedy and wisdom.

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