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      Kembang Kantil

      In order to attend the theater performance, Alisa goes to the house of his brother, Anton and his wife, Santi. In the house, Alisa meets Tania, the adopted daughter of Anton and Siska. Alisa immediately realized the weirdness of Tania's mysterious attitude. Alisa sees Tania eating magnolia flowers in her room. Terrors begin to strike Alisa, until the appearance of a mysterious man, Toro, who reminds her not to approach Tania. Encouraged by her curiosity, Alisa begins to find out Tania’s background. Accompanied by Aldy, Alisa’s senior in the theater, Alisa goes to an orphanage. They meet Novi, the owner of the orphanage. Novi reveals to the dark past of Tania. Alisa moves to carry out dangerous missions.