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      Binary Love

      All 24 EPs

      Sabrina Zhuang Ren Youlun Liu Yuhang Yang Bingzhuo Hu Jiaxin Liu ShuYuan Wu Yijia Zhong Lili Tian Jingfan
      It tells a sour and sweet story between Zhou Linlin, an underachiever and Feng Yuke, a straight-A model. They think they will go different ways after the college entrance examination. Unexpectedly, they are admitted, by mistake, to the least popular major of the best university in China, namely the Department of Animal Husbandry. To make up for the "first-love trauma" she accidentally caused Fang Yuke, Zhou Linlin makes every attempt to help him get back his beautiful first love. Without noticing, she gradually falls into the trap of youth. The graduation season is coming. Is he or she in your memories of youth still by your side?

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