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      Legend of the Demon Hunter Chang'an

      Actor: Jeff Bao Ke Lala Sun Yaowei Jia Bing Chi Shuai Man Tat Ng Raquel Xu Law Kar-ying
      The tomb of General Yandong, the former leader of Six Knights Division in Chang’an, was robbed. In the tomb,Xuanpin pearl that could seal the Demon King was stolen. Hence, the evil spirits were everywhere in Chang’an City, making thepeople suffer. With the leadership of Ma San, Wang Zhuge and others, Six Knights Divisionwent to catch the demon and find Xuanpin pearl back. Unexpectedly, the pearl was eaten by chef Li Chang’an. For the sake of his love Gongsun Yu and saving the people in Chang'an City, Li Chang’an bacame a member of Six Knights Division after going through various tests. Finally,rising up from the dead, he killed the Demon by launching the power of Xuanpin pearl.

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