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      Mojin : Mysterious Treasure

      Actor: Ken Chang Hu Xueer Li Dianzun QiweiHe Zhou Xiaochuan
      To save Mr. Gold Teeth, Hu Ba Yi found Chen the Blind who had been to the Bottle Moutain, in the hope of getting some information of the Thousand-year Elixir. Yet he only found that the Six-wing Centipede was killed by Zhe Gu Shao long ago. Upon disappointment, he heard that Fat Wang had been set up by Lord Qiao for messing with the Southern Sea Lustrous Pearl business. So he had to lead the tomb digging team of three towards Xiangxi, on their way to which they met the Young Master Hua of the Hill Digging Sect, who led them into the under-ground palace of Bottle Mountain.

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