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      Who's Your Daddy?

      Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|youth · Family
      Zhou Qi
      Li Mingde
      Zhang Chenxiao
      Chen Jingyi
      Liao Huijia
      Xue Jianing
      Sun Hao
      Kevin Yan
      Shi Yu
      Gao Liang
      Chen Bida, a middle-aged technology tycoon, switched bodies with high school student Gao Wenming in an accident. Racking his brain to get his body back, Chen Bida dealt with a bunch of high school students including his son Jiang Yu. Inspired by Chen Bida, Jiang Yu rekindled his dreams. Deeply moved by Jiang Yu's devotion, Chen Bida regained his initial aspiration and learned to be a good father. The two slowly became best friends and won the science and technology innovation competition…

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