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      Finding Love

      All 16 EPs

      Nadech Kugimiya Nittha Jirayungyurn Diana Flipo
      Nara, or Noona, is the niece of Mr. Wan Wannaphanitch, president of one of the top banks in the country. Noona was raised in the luxurious lifestyle of high society millionaires, like a bird in a golden cage. Her grandfather is a disciplined person and needs to have a schedule and plan for everything. Noona's father left the family when she was very young, and he has never made contact with her. There are family pictures in her grandfather's home, and she wonders whether one person in the pictures might be her father. Based on a tip from her friend, she goes up north to Chiang Rai to find her father. First, she finds work at the Sattabut Farm, or Bua Daeng Farm, owned by Srihanart. His staff call him ""Singh"" who becomes Noona's caretaker. Finally, Noona is able to locate her father. He had gone into hiding, and harbors a fondness for Kanittha, or Nong, the only sister of Singh. Nong is also secretly in love with Uncle Ram (Noona's father). What becomes of the relationship between Noona and Srihanart? Will Uncle Ram accept Noona as his daughter? Will Uncle Ram dare to declare his love for Nong? The audience will find out all these answers in the ""Finding Love"" series"

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