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      My Sunshine

      2015|Mainland,China|All 32 EPs|Romance · Story
      Chun Chieh Liu
      Wallace Chung
      Tang Yan
      Tan Kai
      Yang Le
      Viola Mi
      In college, Zhao Mosheng fell in love with He Yichen at the first sight, a talented student of the Faculty of Law in C University. Open and straightforward, she chased him by doing whatever she could, finally attracting Yichen's attention in a different way. A pure campus love quietly begins. However, Yi Mei, the sister of Yi Chen's foster family, then declared war on Mosheng. When Mosheng went to Yichen to confirm it, she did not expect to get a cold response from Yichen. Mosheng mistakenly believed that Yichen and Yimei had been together, so she obeyed her father's arrangement and went to the United States for further study. Seven years later, Mosheng, who becomes a photographer now, returns back and meets Yichen again. The two lovers, who have broke up for seven years, are facing several obstacles--Xiao Xiao, Yi Chen's classmate who has been loving him for a long time, as well as his foster sister Yi Mei; and the fact that Mosheng, forcing by life, has got married in the United States; and Mosheng's ex-husband Ying Hui's desperate pursuit; and the economic dispute of their two fathers many years ago. But these obstacles can't let the broken-up lovers continue to miss, but instead, they reaffirm their love towards each other over the years in various misunderstandings and reality tests.

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