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      Stray Birds

      All 40 EPs

      Xu Lu Gao Zhiting QiuHenan Yu Chen Wen Sheng Xiao Haoran Xu Weiluo
      Straight-A student Su Xiao Man came back to China and planned to start a career. At the airport, she fell in love with IT genius Wu Yue at the first sight. Wu Yue led a difficult life and carried much hatred. They happened to be colleagues with rich second-generation Lin Shao Ting and tech guy Zhang Jiang in Brain Data. While Chai Qing who worked in Brain data and who’s also Su Xiao Man’s bestie failed in both love and career, so she started to scheme on Su Xiao Man. Subtle changes took place among those people because of their love, hate, trust and betrayal. Enthusiastic as they were, could they adapt to the law of jungle and could they keep the pureness of friendship and the loyalty of love?

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