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      Discovery of Romance

      2022|Mainland,China|All 26 EPs|Romance · urban · Story
      Chung Chung Yu
      Janice Wu
      Qin Junjie
      Yang Bingzhuo
      30-year-old furniture stylist Xia Tian comes across her ex-boyfriend Xu Zehao, now the owner of a design company. Under the influence of his relentless efforts to get back together with her, Xia Tian starts to doubt her feelings toward her current boyfriend Guan Xin, a plastic surgeon. Meanwhile, Guan Xin bumps into his "sister" in the orphanage, Lu Xi, whom he has lost contact with for years, and their relationship begins to get complicated. Former or current partner? Friends or lovers? Misunderstanding or clarification? Reunion or rejection? Separation or marriage? A series of poignant love stories unravels around the life of a 30-year-old urban working woman.

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