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      2023|Mainland,China|comedy · Theater
      Qiao Shan
      Zhang Jingyi
      Chang Yuan
      Tian Yu
      Zhang Lei
      Zhang Xiran

      Motorcade leader Zhou Donghai and his wife, Huo Meimei, mistakenly had a self-driving with their daughter Zhou Weiyu and her boyfriend, Wan Yifan, and embarked on an unfamiliar family visit. Zhou Donghai decided to take this opportunity to give his prospective son-in-law a holistic inspection, but Wan Yifan failed in passing the inspection. Along the way, he encountered the RV accident of Director Jia who is Zhou Donghai's rival, the drunken farce of the "pheasant" villa of Guang Zi, who is Weiyu's childhood sweetheart, and the siege war of catching the "Oil Mouse" of the highway thief regiment. The journey of family visit was full of challenges and jokes, making you burst into laughter!

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