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      Pocong vs Kuntilanak

      During the Dutch occupation, Raden Soekotjo falls in love with Nyi Soroh. But she decides to marry Von Klingen. Soekotjo then takes revenge on the Von Klingen family. But Soekotjo does not know that Nyi Soroh has a Kuntilanak (a female ghost). The Kuntilanak manages to kill Soekotjo and protect the Von Klingen family. Before he dies, Soekotjo asks that the string tying his death shroud not be removed, which then makes him a restless spirit, or Pocong. The fight between Pocong and Kuntilanak then continues from generation to generation. When love nearly unites Vonny Von Klingen with Marcell Soekotjo, the last descendants of Von Klingen and Soekotjo, they finally confront the vendetta of their ancestors that haunts them.