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      Future Wife

      Driven by his ambition and greed, Pak Lik Agung forced Ningsih to marry Sapto. Ningsih herself doesn't care about that. She is worrying about her education which threatened will end because his parents could not afford it. When it was decided to marry Sapto, Ningsih fled to Jakarta. She also found moral support and instead fell in love with the person she met in the internet with the nickname ""Jejak Langkah"". In Jakarta, Ningsih works for the Prawira and Andini Families. This family doesn't get along. The only thing that made Ningsih feel at home was the presence of Satria Bagus. Unfortunately, Satria must continue his studies in London. How is the continuation of the Ningsih story, will she meet the original figure behind the name Jejak Langkah? Or could something happen between her and Satria Bagus?