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      Yowis Band: The Series

      2020|Indonesia|All 12 EPs|Comedy · Story
      Fajar Nugros Bayu Skak
      Bayu Skak
      Brandon Salim
      Joshua Suherman
      Tutus Thomson
      Arief Didu
      Putri Ayudya
      Devina Aureel
      Anggika Bolsterli
      Glenca Chysara
      Aliyah Faizah
      The story takes place before the band YOWIS BEN was founded. Bayu and Doni always feel unlucky and unfortunate, especially when compared to Nando's life. Meanwhile, Cak Jon plans to marry Mbak Rini. When Cak Jon prepares to leave for Surabaya to arrange his wedding, Bayu falls ill. Cak Jon then postponed the wedding. Knowing this, Bayu felt guilty. Bayu did everything he could to reunite Cak Jon and Mbak Rini, including asking Doni, Nando, Yayan, Mia, Stevia for help.

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