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      You are not Alone

      2019|Mainland,China|comedy · Romance · Fantasy
      Chenghao Shi
      He ZiYan

      The film mainly tells a fantasy love story between a city otaku who has never dated any girls and his five girlfriends who are transformed from five different items. The 28-year-old Amu was excluded from the world because of his singleness. The single insurer An Qi came to Amu’s life and made a claim for a “you are not alone” single insurance that his parents had bought: If Amu is still single until he is 28, he can use the transforming ring to transform any item in the room to a girlfriend. After having the love relationships with girls such as soap, goldfish, watermelon knife, Russian dolls, coffee beans, etc., Amu slowly changed from a single-threaded single dog to an emotionally complex boy. In the end, Amu chose to make his mobile phone as his girlfriend since his phone understands him the best. While the mobile phone woman was serving Amu, she was also brewing a terrible conspiracy. At the end of the disaster, Amu finally found the true meaning of love with An Qi.

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