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      Jia Bing Liu Hua Han Yezhou Zhu Tianfu Song Ning Yu Li
      Kanto gate, a knot Lu hundred years of hidden world sect, a wulin dispute, almost disappeared. One day, li shizhen, a shrewd old man, and li xiaolu, the leader of the sect, flee to juxian street in xiaoyao town, where they help xu erniang, a tavern owner who lives with his daughter, to resolve a crisis in jianghu. Xu Erniang took the opportunity to work with two heroes, under a strange combination of circumstances, the former tavern into a martial arts, and because even was kicked almost destroyed, martial arts and became a medical school. Under the operation of the two younger brothers, the lively opening ceremony caused a disaster, and the Kanto men became a public enemy of the martial arts. In the process of opening the medical center, the Kanto people made all kinds of heroes and martial arts wonderful work, with half-assed medical treatment of the treatment of one after another, staged a funny funny martial arts farce. In the funny daily life, a deep hidden secret has gradually emerged.

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