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      The Accidental Physicians

      2022|Mainland,China|All 24 EPs|Traditional Costume · Comedy
      Wang Zixuan
      Jia Bing
      Liu Hua
      Han Yezhou
      Zhu Tianfu
      Song Ning
      Yu Li
      Guandong Gate, a century of Lu hidden sects, a martial arts disputes, almost extinct martial arts. One day, the smart old man Li Shizhen and the first disciple Li Xiaolu fled to Juxian Street in Xiaoyao Town. Accident help and daughter of the tavern proprietress xu erniang resolve a rivers and lakes crisis, xu erniang took the opportunity to work together with two heroes, under a strange combination of circumstances, the former tavern into a martial arts, and because even was kicked museum almost destroyed, martial arts museum and became a medical museum. Under the operation of the two teachers and brothers, the opening celebration, which should have been noisy, caused a great disaster, and the Guan Dongmen became the public enemy of martial arts. In the process of opening the hospital, Guandong men made heroes and martial arts wonderful work, by virtue of half-baked medical methods to treat one after another, staged a funny and funny martial arts farce. In the chicken flying dog jumping, funny daily, a deeply hidden secret also gradually surfaced.

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