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      The Youth Memories

      Mainland,China|All 38 EPs|Story
      Xiao Zhan
      Li Qin
      Wayne Liu
      Cao Feiran
      Zhao Xin
      Cui Hang
      Zhang Lingxin
      Set in Beijing in the 1970s, this drama tells an inspirational story of how a group of young people grew up, chased their dreams and struggled in their life. The leading male character went through a lot together with his friends. They took the college entrance examination, went into business, started their own business, went abroad and entered politics. In this process, they supported each other all the time and found the meaning of struggle. The female characters in the play also experienced the ups and downs in life, and their destinies were closely intertwined. By depicting the transformation and growth of these characters against the backdrop of reform and opening up, the play presents the rapid development of the country, interprets the precious friendship and love between people, and encourages people to work hard with a positive attitude.

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