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      90's Beijing Fantasy

      All 24 EPs

      ZhuJiaqi MengQin WangMeiren JiaoRui XuYanyu
      90's Beijing Fantasy revolves around a group of six students at a middle school in Beijing in the early 1990s. Against expectation, Li Li Li (Meng Qin) doesn't do well in her middle school entrance exam and thus has to attend a third-class school, which she considers as her death penalty. Luckily, her childhood friend Wang Bo (Jiao Rui) ends up at the same school and becomes her sole comfort. But Li Li has to discover that hooligan Zhao Lei (Zhu Jia Qi), with whom she had an unhappy encounter before, is also in her class. Zhao Lei is set to take revenge against Li Li, but Li Li doesn't concede and strikes back.

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