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      Legally Romance

      All 33 EPs

      Tao Huang SongZu'er Jin Ze Zhong Lili Li Baihui Yan An
      Qian Wei, 28, is a lawyer assistant, and her immediate boss Lu Xun is her former classmate. Qian Wei thinks that Lu Xun picks on her coldly because she once offended him back in school. Therefore, though she keeps complaining about it, she still tries to ingratiate herself with Lu Xun in order to get out of trouble at work. But in a coma caused by an accident, Qian Wei dreams back to the time of 19 years old and realizes that Lu Xun's attitude then towards her might be another way of caring about her. After waking up, Qian Wei tries to enter Lu Xun's inner world. As a result, she finds that Lu Xun is a warm man with integrity and feels his love for her all the time. Having reflected on her attitude towards life, Qian Wei decides to regain her original aspiration as a lawyer and face up to the challenges on her own. In the process of building a legal aid platform with Lu Xun to help the needy, Qian Wei manages to let go of the past and grows mature. Besides, they manage to resolve the misunderstandings and get together gradually. After going through all sorts of difficulties, Qian Wei and Lu Xun have finally gained success in both career and love. Every Jack has his Jill.

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