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      2023|China Continental|All 30 EPs|Suspenso · Ciencia ficción
      Yujie Li
      Edward Zhang
      Hewei Yu
      Chen Jin
      Ziwen Wang
      Lin Yongjian
      Li Xiaoran

      In 2007, an abnormal disturbance occurred in the basic sciences on Earth. The whole scientific world was jittery. The mysterious suicide of scientists, countdown, the Science Boundary, the Three-body Problem game... Nanomaterials researcher Wang Miao was taken to the Joint Operations Center by the police officer Shi Qiang and sneaked into an organization called Science Boundary for investigation. In the mist, Wang Miao got contact with an organization called ETO and surprisingly found that the commander-in-chief was Ye Wenjie, the mother of the scientist Yang Dong who committed suicide. With the constant fight between ETO and the operations center, Wang Miao and Shi Qiang gradually confirmed the existence of the world in the Three-Body Problem game. All things originated from the desperate struggle for survival between two civilizations. With the joint efforts of the Joint Operations Center and scientists, Wang Miao, Shi Qiang, and others regained hope and faith, leading everyone to continue the fight against the invading Trisolarans in the future.

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