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      Once Upon a Bite S2

      16 episodios

      Based on the food topic and the spirit of Once Upon a Bite S1, this season will invite celebrities, gastronomes, and popular stars from home and abroad to the Flavor Experiment kitchen where they will enjoy special cuisines, share food stories and discover thousands of possibilities of food, showing both visual and spiritual enjoyment for audience.

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      Hit Team


      Painted Skin Romance of Zhu Shengyi and Chen Yilong


      It was adapted from the same series of novels as "A Love so Beautiful"


      Hatred and Love Between God and Demon


      Wu Zhiji, Breaking the Sky, Moving the Heaven and the Earth

      updated to 68

      Everything Has a Boudary but Love and Hatred can't be Limited

      Love and Faith


      Warm and Healing Daily Life


      Grave-Raiders Go to the Underground Palace and Fight Against Three Beasts