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      Antares S2

      2022|Indonesia|10 episodios|Romance · youth
      Rizal MantovaniDirector
      NombreRizal Mantovani
      Fecha de nacimiento--
      Angga YunandaActor
      NombreAngga Yunanda
      Fecha de nacimiento2000-05-16
      Obras recomendadas
      La historia de GeriLa historia de Geri
      Antares S2Antares S2
      Cut Beby TsabinaActor
      NombreCut Beby Tsabina
      Fecha de nacimiento--
      Obras recomendadas
      Antares S2Antares S2
      Devano DanendraActor
      NombreDevano Danendra
      Fecha de nacimiento2002-09-23
      Obras recomendadas
      Teluk AlaskaTeluk Alaska
      Antares S2Antares S2
      Yesaya AbrahamActor
      NombreYesaya Abraham
      Fecha de nacimiento1999-04-12
      Obras recomendadas
      El Garoto del SprayEl Garoto del Spray
      Antares S2Antares S2

      Ares is continuing his life peacefully; both as the leader of Calderioz, and as a brand new boyfriend of Zea. Coincidentally, comes Richie; Ares's old best friend who once competed with him in the election to be Calderioz's leader. Richie.s arrival somehow occurred along with an increasing number of attacks started by anonymous motor gangs; tarnishing the good image that Ares and Calderioz are always fighting for. The coincidence made Zea suspicious of Richie, but Ares somehow brushes it off.

      It turns out, despite being nonchalant, Ares is trying to settle the issue himself. This, unfortunately, starts a discord within Calderioz; a lot of its members think that Ares is too much of a lone wolf, including Zea, who thinks that Ares still hasn't let her in to his life. After a long process, Ares' investigation cornered into a name: Radit. Ares goes and captures Radit; only to find out that his little lone wolf act is the start of an even bigger turmoil.

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