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      Demon Emperor's Little Matchmaker

      30 एपिसोड

      Lin Shijie
      Wang Nuoyi
      Hu Chunyang
      The half monster Li Wuyou suffered from his bloodlines and kept a solitary and cold character, he didn’t want to accept any girl. It upset the Moon Lord, arranging his marriage so much, the Moon Lord sent the trainee matchmaker Qiao Chuchu to act as a go-between. If Qiao Chuchu succeeded, she could become a full member. To finish the task, Qiao Chuchu tried all kinds of methods, which messed up Li Wuyou’s peaceful life, however he fell in love with this cute fairy unconsciously …

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      How Love Starts and Becomes Obsession

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      Lord and Flower Fairy's love and tribulations in threelifetimes

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      A Romance Triggered by a Badge

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      An “ugly duckling” transforms into a gorgeous medical consort.

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      A young lady was born again to continue to be with her husband from the previous life

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      The Little Wife Of The General