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      2022|13 एपिसोड
      After moving to the city, Piggy, who always wears a pair of red glasses and can see others' emotions, meets a group of new friends, Kaka, Xiaoming, Bloomly, Meteor, and Bei. By artfully amplifying and intertwining these traits, the characters burst into vibrant existence. They collide in a tapestry of life events, allowing viewers to unwind, and, amidst hearty laughter, soak up the uplifting vibes of the stories. This series will humorously and dramatically narrate the comical incidents that happen to them. From minor inconveniences like failing to catch the subway or having their dreams as millionaires shattered. However, challenges won't crush them; instead, they inspire the crazy side within. They will strive to fight back, turning trials and tribulations into ingenious resolutions.

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