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      Super Nova Games

      2018|Mainland,China|6 एपिसोड|Sportscompetition · Idol
      《超新星全运会》 is the first large-scale professional sports meeting organized in China, which spans the fields of recreation and sports. The show brings together about 150 artists from more than 60 entertainment companies, including Rocket Girls 101, Aarif Lee, Darren Wang, Wei Daxun, Dylan Xiong, and Li Yitong. Training by the greatest coaches such as Liu Guoliang, Li Xiaopeng, and Su Bingtian, the artists change into athletes to prepare for the competition in track and field, water sports and others.

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      Chen Xuedong, Johnny Huang and Jackson Wang warm Meng belt baby

      Ray Ma, Neo Hou, Jim Yu, Henry are becoming to nursing father

      How do you feel about having two children at home?


      Oh Youth

      How do Jackson Yi ,Kenny Lin and Jim Yu conquer the children?

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      Brother and sister laugh so hard everyday.


      Rocket Girl 101 Starts Their Journey


      Power of women aged 30+

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      Yang Zixiao Zhan performs youth in screen for the first time