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      An exciting offer SS2

      Mainland,China|10 एपिसोड|Workplace
      Five boys and three girls graduated from well-known Law College and step into the society. With the guidance of four lawyers, they will compete with each other by internship of one month and assignment completion and only of them can get the job. Five members of cheering group He Jiong, Benny Sa, Yang Tianzhen, Adam Fan and Xu Lingling will observe the growing and learning professional skills and social skills of the interns.

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      Career growth show for new lawyers and politicians

      All 15 EPs

      You don't understand, It's also love

      Chen Xuedong, Johnny Huang and Jackson Wang warm Meng belt baby

      Ray Ma, Neo Hou, Jim Yu, Henry are becoming to nursing father

      How do you feel about having two children at home?

      How do Jackson Yi ,Kenny Lin and Jim Yu conquer the children?


      Power of women aged 30+

      Visitors Super-high Face Startled Observation Mission

      To EP 48

      Brother and sister laugh so hard everyday.

      All 29 EPs

      Yang Zixiao Zhan performs youth in screen for the first time